Quexittan is a continent west of Obsarda and east of the Western Ocean. Quexittan has the highest population of Erphar on Catarkis. The most common sentient species on Quexittan are the Erphar. Quexittan's coast is skirted by steep cliffs in most places. Inland, jungle covers the continent from coast to coast, with tall mountains and rivers throughout.

Just over one hundred years ago, Humans had a similar population to the Erphar on Quexittan, however beliefs within Erphar groups that humans are destroying the land, taking up too much space, are evil incarnate, or any personal justification, caused conflicts to escalate to the bloodiest war in memory on Catarkis, during which Humans have been almost wiped from the continent. Several human towns and cities remain on the coast, the largest and most notable of which by far is the city of Last Storm.