Sesverssa is a continent south-east of Ponsiss, east of Obsarda and west of Noyuak, which it is connected to by Eularn. While its coast is farmed and prosperous in most places, most of the continent is dominated by sweltering deserts which force the majority of life underground. Inhabited in almost equal number by Catasect and Salssisus, Sesverssa's underground is a mess of politics, fighting, and diplomacy between the various groups.

Folklore would have it that Sesverssa used to be a very different place, full of large lakes and flat grasslands, Sesverssa is said to have been a haven from the evils of the world, where the study of magic was quickly advancing and all races tolerated each other's presence. The stories of what happened after that have been twisted from race to race and group to group to suit their own vision of the world, but the large ruined cities in the middle of the desert make it clear that something changed on the continent.